Mar 8, 2011

Good eatin'

I am a pescetarian... yes, you heard right. I eat fish, seafood, etc, but no red meat or poultry. SOooo... this weekend my parents were in town and we thought it would be a fabulous idea to go to Jethros. Jethros is a local favorite for BBQ. I had never been before, but suggested knowing that my carnivorous parents and husband would enjoy it. I have to admit, the atmosphere was great and the food was delicious. The photos posted are of Ben and my dad's plate... empty... and my mom's plate, half empty. We ate and drank well :) I would definitely go back again! Having my parents in town overnight was just what I needed. They came on Friday and spent the night and day with us. The boys got busy building me a craft table... woohoo! My mom and I took off in fear of seeing what happened. Fortunately, the beginning of a table had been created when we arrived home from our girls day. I look forward to seeing this as a finished product!

Well, folks... I am subbing at 745am for Mrs. Washington's class. I better get some shut-eye to get my strength for tomorrow :)

Check out for a few new pillow covers... added today!
I also applied for a craft show called Craft Saturday... I would love to get in and branch out a bit :)

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