Dec 12, 2010

So long.....

After 17 weeks of early mornings, lots of caffine, and hard work.... I AM DONE STUDENT TEACHING! I will admit that I was a bit anxious at the thought of being a teacher 5 days a week. BUT, I have had soooo many great experiences and met the greatest teachers, students, and staff during that time. It is always hard to say goodbye to such wonderful people, but it is time. I will start Tuesday... yes, this Tuesday, at Dallas Center Grimes Schools as a long term substitute teacher for K-2 art and two HS art classes. I am subbing for a gal on maternity leave. Her baby came early and I am jumping right in! I hope I can figure it all out quickly, as I am THE TEACHER! Yikes! Honestly, I do not even know how to get to the art room in the HS... and I do not have keys. This could be interesting. Stay posted for my adventures as a sub. woo! Well, I have my second bachelors degree and a job with pay... life is looking pretty good right now. Thanks to all who helped me on this journey. I truly appreciate it :)

In honor of my time student teaching... I posted some fun pics of student artwork!

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