Feb 1, 2011

Snow day!

Second snow day of 2011. Not the greatest when you get paid by the day as a substitute teacher..... Although, I do enjoy a spontaneous free day! Today I busied myself with cleaning, organizing, and decluttering the pantry. Ben was shocked when he  got home. It is amazing to me how much STUFF we can collect over the years. We have clearly outgrown our home. What I would do for a basement or even an extra bedroom!!! I also successfully completed my job applications to two school districts. Now, if only I could get a full-time job. I am soooo ready. I believe the rest of this beautiful snow day will be spent cuddling with the pups and my hubby over Biggest Loser :) Man, I lead an exciting and fast-paced life... and I wouldn't have it any other way. This is a photo from the front door... LOVELY!

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