Sep 24, 2011


Another weekend of packing brought memories and panic! Memories found in boxes we had not looked through in years. Such as Ben's boy scouts gear. Panic, brought on my the realization that we have way more stuff than we realized! Also, the dogs are panicking because they cannot figure out why we are moving all our stuff downstairs, in brown boxes!

Here are some cute pics of them putting up with our chaos.

Sep 17, 2011


I can't complain.... the last few years living in our townhome have been pretty good. Besides the space issue, we have been happy! We are thrilled to move into our new home, but I can't help but be a bit nostalgic. Who can blame me.... the townhome was our first home together, where we got engaged, where we "raised" two boston terriers, where we came home to after our wedding, and the place we spent two blissful anniversaries. I did realize this year that our home finally looked like a home, not the college dorm room/hand-me-down/craigslist bought place it started as. Here are a few pics to show you our place and to help me have proof we lived there :)

                                                                        Guest room

                                                                    Main living area
                                                                      Our bathroom

Well... It's good to be back.

I will hopefully begin to blog at least twice a month now. Here is what has been going on with us since my last post!...

I got a job teaching K-5 art for three different elementary schools
I have successfully completed three Market Day events
My Urban Ecology Etsy shop has been flourishing
We began house hunting .... and bought a house!!!
We are moving to our dream house on Sept 30th :)
Oh! And Cyclone football took down the Hawkeyes.
That is all the big news as of now!